This Rimy RIver


This Rimy River - Vaughan Oliver and v23
Graphic works 1988-1994

Vaughan Oliver is one of the most powerful and explosive graphic designers of his time. This Rimy River is a catalog of an exhibition held at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles in 1994. Long out of print, it has been sought after by designers and collectors who have followed the work of v23. Most admired for his collaborative energy and imagination, Oliver set the stage for a graphic revolution in the eighties and nineties. His impact was left on the post-punk music industry and influenced a generation of designers exploring the possibilities of type and print. The book is produced in very high caliber, the process of production being an important element of the design: 72 pages, Paperback, 10 1/2'' x 14 3/4'' (375 x 265 mm), 200 color illustrations, English, 2nd edition

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Hamlet - Poster Those who have worked with Vaughan Oliver and v23 as collaborators or clients describe their recollections of the v23 design experience in probing commentary alongside the works shown:
ivo watts-russell
neville brody
david carson
malcolm garrett
rudy wanderlans
david sylvian
marvin scott jarrett
heidi berry
tamar cohen
frank black
terry dowling
the breeders
russell mills
michael brook
shinro ohtake
lisa germano
dominic davies
kristin hersh
jim friedman
his name is alive
colin gray
simon larbalestier
red house painters
kevin westenberg
ultra vivid scene
victoria & albert museum


This Rimy River
Limited Edition of 400

Limited to 400 copies, this special edition of the Los Angeles exhibition catalogue uses the regular edition as its starting point but bears it little resemblance. Coming eight years after the Lonely Is An Eyesore deluxe box design it marks another watershed in v23's studio output.
The original page designs have been overprinted with two new layers of artwork. The first overprint, in black, utilizes enlarged details of archival artwork which virtually obliterate the existing illustrations and text. This, in turn, is overlaid with one large word per page, running bottom to top in a translucent bronze ink.
The words are an extract from Victoria Mitchell's poem Dearest Vaya con Dios Darling, which inspired the exhibition's title This Rimy River.

Limited Edition

Page from
                  This Rimy River Lim.Ed.  

The resulting palimpsest, more painting than book, is finished with end papers that incorporate snapshots of the L.A. show bound in a patterned plexiglass hardcover, and housed in a luxurious velvet slipcase.

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