David Sylvian - Trophies II by v23

Trophies II - The Lyrics of David Sylvian
designed by v23 Vaughan Oliver & Chris Bigg

TROPHIES II is a companion publication to TROPHIES - The Lyrics of David Sylvian, published in 1987 - with other lyrics, starting with the Rain Tree Crow lyrics, Tallow Moon, Victim Of Stars, Heartbeat, The First Day and the lyrics of the same- titled album, the Slowfire poem, How Safe Is Deep? (titled Shadowland) and upto Dead Bees On A Cake. 40 songs and poems alltogether.

Illustrations, photography by Shinya Fujiwara, design and image manipulation by v23.

First Edition limited to 5,000 copies.
82 pp., 210 x 150 mm

Price: sold out July 2003

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art direction and design: bubble & squeak