vaughan oliver @ ggg, available as postcard book

vaughan oliver @ ggg, available as postcard book

ggg - GLOBAL EXHIBITION DEC. 3 - DEC. 20. 97


exhibition flyer & poster...available as a set

Duo Posters by 33 Designers from around the world

Rick Valicenti Vaughan Oliver
Michael Mabry Why Not Associates
Allen Hori Russel Warren-Fisher
Bill Thorburn Ruedi Baur
Jennifer Morla Uwe Loesch
Germ´┐Żn Montalvo Grappa
Michel Bouvet Del Terrelonge
Peret Kan Tai-Keung
Freeman Lau Wang Xu
Ahn Sang-Soo William Harald-Wong
Daphne Cherng Margo Chase
Werner Jeker Gunter Rambow
Kari Piipo Alain Le Quernec
Woody Pirtle Joao Machado
Alan Chan Alejandro Magallanes
Carlos Gayou Picazo Ken Cato
James Victore Ginza Graphic Gallery

From this exhibition:  
postcard book with 66 postcards,
featuring 2 cards from each designer
sold out
Set of Poster and Flyer (see above) available (poster and flyer are not designed by Vaughan Oliver!)


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