TO CAGE is a photographic study of the zoo environment. Shot over a period of four years, Davies explored the ambiguous spaces and distorted scale of many of Europe�s zoos. Informed by evocative snapshots and a fascination in constructed or staged realities these images isolate their inhabitants to the point of depicting them as trophies and are an insight into how we view nature.

Text by Michael Mack
Design by v23/ Chris Bigg & Vaughan Oliver
96 pages, 32 x 28 cm, 50 color plates, hardcover.
A limited edition of 30 was available.

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Dominic Davies

Born in England in 1966, Dominic Davies studied at Horsham Art College and then Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and Design for four years. Moving to live and work in London in the early nineties he worked within the design and advertising field. It was during this period that Dominic Davies met and started collaborating with Vaughan Oliver and Chris Bigg at v23, working principally on record covers for 4AD. He developed into a key contributor on many v23 projects including �This Rimy River� book and exhibition (Murray Feldmann Gallery, Los Angeles) and �Visceral Pleasures� (2000). TO CAGE is his first solo book project.

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