front cover Simon Larbalestier
the art and craft of collage

softcover, 144 pages, A4

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An inspiring guide to this fascinating medium. The Art and Craft of Collage offers practical information on a wealth of modern and traditional collage techniques from a leading practitioner in the field. Simon Larbalestier, who researches the graphic applications of the Canon color photocopier at the Royal College of Art in England, examines every stage in creating a collage-from traditional cut- and paste methods to innovative photocopier-generated art effects. The stimulating results can be seen on pop music packaging, advertising posters and magazine covers.

The Art and Craft of Collage is the first book to feature detailed stage-by-stage instructions for the would-be photocopy artist. With a wide range of projects and over 160 photographs of professional artists` work from collage-decorated screens and boxes this unique book is guaranteed to encourage and inspire anyone who is interested in producing original collage creations.

Featured artists including: Terry Dowling, Russell Mills, Shinro Ohtake, Vaughan Oliver,...


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